Perfection and eating dirt


I love how my friend Sara writes about her travels. Feel pretty lucky that she’s come on a couple of my Manifestation Retreats. Check her blog out. I loved this post! Happy Sunday from Seattle, Jen

Originally posted on From New York to London to Elsewhere and Back Again:

I ate dirt in Porto, and my goodness it was delicious.


It’s amazing how looks can be so deceiving.

It’s like you think you know, but you don’t really know. Not until you try, at least. Not until you taste or you see or you feel or hear.

It’s like the Nightingale. I thought the Nightingale was this beautiful, peaceful bird that’ll lull one to sleep; a creature so lovely hymns and poems by Keats and the like have been created in its honor.

But oh no. This is not the case! At least not the Nightingale’s I heard in Andulusia, Spain. You see, these were quite noisy birds. They make quite a racket when you’re trying to enjoy a glass of sangria out in a plaza in Cordoba, or navigate the gardens of Alhambra. They swoop and squawk, causing you to look up in disbelief and wish they’d go on their merry…

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