A brave and beautiful inspiring piece from my friend Melody Krell. Highly encourage you to stop and read this. Follow her blog too. It’s great writing!

Originally posted on Follow Me Films:

pastWhere should I put this luggage??

The cards I had been dealt have been reshuffled, reorganized, and played differently in the last five years. The beauty of surrendering to what is, the hand you have before you, is freedom, and for me freedom meant getting brutally honest with myself, my doctor, and my God. When I walked into the hospital all those years ago telling the Nurse if they didn’t admit me I wouldn’t make it through the night I meant it. Now, only five years later, that person and that experience seems impossible and just plain stupid. Yet it happened.  I really was so close to ending my life that in a state of panic and fear I somehow propelled myself to the Cedars Sinai ER in the pouring rain begging for help, for a life raft, for someone to take control and stop me from ending my life…

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