Retreats Around The World

I lead Manifestation Yoga Retreats® all over the globe.

Next up is sold out: Galapagos.

New Years in Ojai, Calif.

Kripalu in The Berkshires of Massachusetts Jan 31-feb 2

Canyon Ranch, Berkshires, Mass. march 16-19

10 spots left for Costa Rica March 28-April 5

Mother’s Day 2014 in Ojai California

Tuscany June 28-July 5

Click here to see all of my upcoming retreats to Vermont, Ojai, Galapagos Islands, The Berkshires, Costa Rica and Italy.

Read this now to understand what a Manifestation Retreat is truly like!

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4 thoughts on “Retreats Around The World”

  1. I “transplanted” myself to LA in January of this year. This week I had the horrible homesicks. It was due, in part, to the fact that this weekend is the prayer Chaplain training at Unity of NY. I’d been a chaplain for about 7 years. Didn’t realize how much of an ache I would feel around this training time. So I am hoping that this “random comment” will garner me the prize of the weekend in Ojai in October. So I can start manifesting my mission – to help keep the world healthy through comedy! I moved out here to do sit-coms and films as that seemed to be where I could touch the most people.

    It sure would be nifty to be in Ojai in October! I can let a couple that I know that I’ll be out there in their neck of the woods!
    Ms. Jaye

  2. Isn’t it ironic that the very things our souls require the most are the very things that our bank accounts can’t support?

    Yes, I’d love to attend one of these retreats but I know it will never happen. I simply can’t afford it. But I’ll continue to read about them and wish……

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