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How To Manifest Under The Tuscan Sun With Jen Pastiloff.

October 15, 2016

First, discover Jennifer Pastiloff accidentally. This is after the boyfriend leaves, after the mom gets cancer, and after you start asking Is this all there is? Let her crack you open in a crowded Manhattan yoga studio, show her your broken heart, read to her your list of fears, and let her place a hand on your knee and lean in closer. You will sit like that for awhile, with her hand on your knee and all of your tears puddling on the mat. The woman next to you will place a hand on your back, someone will offer you a box of tissues, you’ll hear a voice nearby say It’s ok, I got you. You’ll find that this is what Jennifer creates: space to be heard, space to listen.

Fallinloveable. She’ll say in her deep and raw voice, That’s what you are. Fuck yeah. Completely Fallinloveable. She says it in a way that makes you believe it too. It happens just like that. Then, you laugh through the tears, something Jennifer calls “letting the snot fly”, and the feeling of connectedness will cocoon itself around you.

Months later, you might forget how fallinloveable you are and you’ll scroll through Jennifer’s Instagram feed searching for a reminder. She will be there telling you not to be an asshole, especially to yourself. She will post pictures of her retreat in Italy and you will sit at your desk every lunch period swiping over images of people laughing, drinking wine, and dancing. The pictures alone ignite something inside of you, you will call it hope. You decide to go despite a full-time job with little vacation time and your lack of money. Listen, because this part is important: start with willingness, even if you don’t know how you will ever get the time off of work or the money in the bank, begin with willingness to believe in possibility, willingness to be transformed. Trust me. The rest will take care of itself.

Then, something like this will happen:

You will arrive in a van filled with strangers. Driving down a narrow, dusty road in the Tuscan countryside, you’ll find yourself equal parts nervous and excited. As you pull up to the sprawling villa, all of you will promptly and unanimously decide that none of the photos do it justice. Jennifer will meet you in the main room outside of the kitchen and insist that you take a tour right that minute. Go. Drop all of your heavy bags and follow her.

In fact, that’s pretty much good life advice: Drop the heavy shit weighing you down and let Jennifer Pastiloff show you how to stand in awe and wonder.

You’ll find one perfect-for-napping-writing-and-manifesting-nook after another, a large, dimly lit wine cellar, a gym, and several uniquely beautiful bedrooms with wooden windows that open to postcard-worthy views. You can even see the rolling Tuscan hills from the bathrooms. Take a minute to really see all of the beauty and notice how even the air smells different, fresher, full of hope. Consider this practice because Jennifer will ask you to hunt for beauty all week. She won’t ask you to take yourself too seriously or even yoga for that matter. Actually, least of all yoga. But. She will ask you to listen, to say yes, to sit in your discomfort, and to sit in the discomfort of others. This is the work, she’ll say, not turning away from someone’s pain, from their vulnerability.

You will remember the box of tissues at your feet in the crowded Manhattan yoga studio, the warmth of a stranger’s hand on your heaving back. You will watch Jennifer untie knots in your new friends and you know what you will do? Put a hand on their back, hand them tissues, and tell them I got you. I got you.

This is what Jennifer creates: space. Safe, open space. She asks you only to bring your willingness and a journal. Then, she listens. She listens with no agenda and no judgement. This is why it all works. Because we all begin listening to one another simply to hear, to understand, to say I got you, I got you. Don’t get me wrong, there is as much laughter as there is crying, as many heartfelt secrets being shared as there are dirty jokes, for every long, beautiful hour of quiet, there is another of loud, magical conversation around the dinner table, there is as much dancing as there is … well, there is a lot of dancing.

So, if you are wondering if you should go, just go. You don’t need to go looking for transformation, you don’t need to be sad or lost or grieving to go. You, right now where you are, can be delighted with your life, you may be filled to the brink with gratitude. Go. Share it. Show up with what you have wherever you are and let Jennifer greet you at the door, take you by the hand, and say How unbelievable is this? You won’t know whether she is talking about the view or her hand in yours or this moment in your life and it won’t really matter anyway.

Go. I got you. We all do.


Lexi Weber is a writer, certified health coach, and newbie World traveler. Currently, she is writing at home in Annapolis, Maryland, but she always has her suitcase packed and ready to go. You can find pictures of her latest travels and smoothie bowls on her Instagram account @_lexiweber_ and read more of her writing at


Join Jen Pastiloff in Tuscany June 17-24, 2016 by clicking the photo above. Please send an email to letting us know why you would like to attend.

Join Jen Pastiloff in Tuscany June 17-24, 2016 by clicking the photo above and putting down a non-refundable deposit. Please send an email to letting us know why you would like to attend.


Join Jen Pastiloff in Tuscany Sep 9-16, 2016. Please send an email to letting us know why you want to attend. Click the photo above to put down your non-refundable deposit.

Join Jen Pastiloff in Tuscany Sep 9-16, 2016. Please send an email to letting us know why you want to attend. Click the photo above to put down your non-refundable deposit.

Fall Tuscany Retreat.

September 26, 2015

Sep 26- Oct 3, 2015.

*Please send email to letting us know why you want to attend. This is an intimate retreat. We can’t wait to have you! This is Jen’s 5th year doing Manifesting Under The Tuscan Sun!  Please note that Joe Longo will be leading meditations at this retreat and he will be our resident photographer. Check him out here.


Please read this so you understand what Jen’s retreat is like.

And this.

Join Jennifer Pastiloff of Manifestation Yoga® on an excursion to Italy for some yoga, journaling & writing for all levels, delicious food, wine,

an occasional dance party, seeing the gorgeous countryside and whatever else your heart may desire. These classes are more than just Asana. There is writing/journaling and sharing outloud –It is not your typical yoga retreat. La Dolce Vita! Please read this before you send your email in


Ebbio is a magical place surrounded by an evergreen forest, nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano

that was sacred to the Etruscans. Located in the breathtaking countryside of Tuscany, it is only 42

km from Florence, 11 km from Siena, 9 km from Castellini in Chianti and 1km from Monteriggioni,

a little medieval jewel.


Ebbio is an 800 year old classic rustic Tuscan farmhouse converted into a charming yoga retreat. Looking

out one of the many windows of the different accommodations in Ebbio, you will be captivated by the

undulating hills swept with thriving vineyards, olive trees and enchanting evergreen forests. The

amazing part of Ebbio is that it is still a working, organic Tuscan farm with its own

Chianti wine production and delicious Olive Oil.



Ebbio’s kitchen serves vegetarian meals only. Most of the produce comes from their organic production.

The picnic on the day of the ocean excursion is included. Meals are served in the outside porch if

the weather is warm and not raining; otherwise they will be served upstairs where the bedrooms

are also located in a common living/dining room.  That room is a living/gathering place where

there is quiet time between 10 pm and 6 am to respect the people sleeping on the 2nd floor.


Water and seasonal fruit are available throughout the day.


The accommodations are in double, triple or quadruple rooms.  All rooms are shared, cute

and cozy & have a special name. There is about 1 bathroom for every 2 rooms. All bathrooms

are different, some with showers, some with bathtubs. There is also a bathroom with showers

off the yoga room with privacy for two people. Please remember this is a very rustic 800 year

old stone Tuscan Farmhouse with open windows & fresh air and you will hear animal noises.


This retreat will be held at  Ebbio in Tuscany, Italy a short walking distance

from the ancient town of Montereggioni. You will have time to explore on your own.

Prices include:

7 night/8 day shared accommodations

Three Daily vegetarian meals at Ebbio including wine with lunch & dinner and fresh

fruit available during the day (dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day)

(Lunch is not provided by Ebbio on full excursion day trips.

Daily Journaling/Yoga or Manifestation Workshop on most days

except full excursion days.

A day-trip visit to a thermal hot springs. Terme San Giovanni Rapolano.

The entrance fee is covered by us. There are services there that you may

want to take advantage of at your expense

There will be one excursion after lunch to a local town in Chianti with winery/wine tasting.

There will also be a day trip transportation included to the wonderful town of Siena.

(Your lunch while there will be self-catered and not provided by Ebbio).

Once you are there you are on your own to shop, explore the cobblestone streets

and have fun until we meet to be taken back to Ebbio. You will have dinner upon

returning to Ebbio. Be sure to see the magnificent Duomo di Siena while

you are exploring the town. We will be going on Wednesday when they

have the market day in town . Streets are filled with stalls with selling

everything including clothing. This is where the locals shop.

A day-trip excursion to the town of San Gimignano/Volterra

with a Pecorino cheese tasting first.

(Your lunch while there will be self-catered and not provided by Ebbio).

You will return to Ebbio for dinner.

You can simply explore on foot or rent a bicycle to explore the hills around Ebbio.

You can walk to the ancient town of Monteriggioni which is about 1 km away

Note: The itinerary can be changed at any time by the discretion

of the organizer or due to weather or other unforeseen


Driving To Ebbio/Taxi From Siena Train Station

If you are driving to Ebbio, simply reach Monteriggioni Castle and go to the local information center directly next to the

church. From there, they will direct you to Ebbio. If you miss your pick-up at Siena Train Station you can take a taxi.

Here is the address for the cabbie: Ebbio, Strada del Gallinaio – 53035 Monteriggioni, (Siena, Toscana)

All Rooms & Bathrooms Are Shared. Accommodations see below.

A $500 Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable Deposit Secures Your Space

Deposit – PAYPAL- Credit Card, ATM Sign Contract & Fax

Balance due by check please contact Barbara for mailing address. Balance due by July 25th, 2015

Note: Please Read Contract , Sign & Fax to: 661 825-8104

The Consent Contract Must Be Returned For You To Be Able To Attend The Rereat

Flying To Ebbio

*Retreat cost does not include airfare. Check for the best prices to Florence or Rome or Pisa.

You can take a train to Siena Train Station from your arrival airport where you will be picked up on

arrival day at 1 pm or 4 pm.

Time to get to Siena by train: Rome 3 hours, Florence 1.5 hours, Pisa 2 hours.

Note: (If you miss your pick up time at the Siena Train Station on September 26th (1 or 4 pm)

you can take a taxi to Ebbio for around 30 euro estimated. Four people can share a taxi. )

Important: Do not book your return flight home for the same day the retreat

ends on October 3rd. You will be driven to the Siena Train Station in the morning after a light breakfast on

departure day Oct 3rd around 10 a.m. . The airports are a distance from the retreat and most flights leave in the early

morning. Take some time to explore the towns you are flying out of before the day of your return flight and spend

the a night or two there. This is Italy!! Helpful tip: If you are planning on visiting Florence after the retreat then

fly into Florence or if you plan on visiting Rome after the retreat then fly into Rome the same with Pisa.

You can also fly in to one airport and fly out from another if you plan to do some traveling.


*PRICING $2300All rooms & baths are shared. Flight Is Not Included.Balance is due by check in US funds by July 25th, 2015(Sending In Your Deposit Means You Have Read Contract Terms & Conditions And Have Accepted It)If balance is not received by July 25th we reserve the right to consider your booking as cancelled.(See Contract) The Contract Must Also Be Signed, Sent In & Received After You Send Your Deposit

In Order For You To Be Able To Attend.


**If you are considering coming on this retreat please email to apply.  Please let Jen know why

you want to come and be part of this group as space is limited and she would love to know something

about you. General questions about retreat please email or call Barbara 702 524-5686.


If you like Italy, writing/journaling, yoga, wine, organic vegetarian food and relaxation then join

Jennifer Pastiloff in Tuscany! This retreat is about sharing out-loud, connecting and there will be writing.

The main focus is “not Asana”. This is her yearly retreat to Italy and she looks forward to sharing some of

her favorite places with you, all wrapped in the comfort of journaling, Manifestation Workshops &

especially connecting with amazing people, laughter & joy with an occasional dance party too!!!

Don’t Forget to Bring: – Valid Passport– Comfortable clothing for yoga and movement-

– Slip-on shoes for indoors-

(Shoes are not permitted in Yoga Studio)


-Walking shoes and clothing for outdoors and hiking trails

sunscreen, hat and sunglasses-


– Camera, extra batteries & chargers-


~Toiletries shampoo & conditioner & any medicines you may need~


-Casual clothes for any excursions

you may take-


-Bathing suit (sunscreen, hat, sandals, water shoes, flip flops etc.

for the hot-spring and in case it is warm enough for the beach.~


~Save room in your luggage for any clothing you may buy while there~


-Water bottle to fill during your stay-

(Filtered water on premises)


-Italian AC adapter (for 220V compatible electronics)-

(Please do not bring electronics with heating elements)

There is (1) hairdryer at Ebbio to share.


-Insect repellent-


-You can hand-wash your clothes and line-dry outside while there-


-The farmhouse provides linen and towels.-


-Sheets are the same for 1 week. There is a change of towels in mid-week.-


-Yoga Mats are provided by Ebbio-


~A light jacket in case it is chilly~


~Something to cover your shoulders while visiting churches~


-A Journal for Jen’s Classes-


~Your Happy Face & A Sense of Humor~


Note:~Travel Insurance Is Required~

Contact Barbara For More Info702-524-5686 or Email
Photograph Barbara PotterLove Outside My Bedroom Window
Jennifer Pastiloff’sManifestation Yoga Retreats®
Exploring Surrounding AreaMonteriggioni  (5 minutes drive or you can easily walk whenever you want). There areplenty of Tuscan hills to walk and enjoy by foot or bicycle (rental available).On Site Activities At An Additional Charge Paid In Cash (euro)You can arrange with Franz the owner of Ebbio for these when you are there.


Horseback Riding (€20/Hour), Mountain Biking (€20/Day), Hiking With Guide (€20/Hour)


Hiking with Donkey & Guide (€20/Hour) Hot Tub (€20/Hour) Max 4 People

Gratuities & Other InfoTaxes are included however gratuities for housekeepers and drivers are welcomewhich is given on the departure day if you like.Please use your cell phone in the privacy of your own room.Please don’t count on having at WiFi signal at Ebbio.

Check with your cell phone provider before going to make sure you

are signed up for International Service and Data Plans.


The retreat is a smoke-free environment. Synthetic fragrances, perfumes

and colognes are not permitted.


Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. while using the main upstairs gathering room/dining

room on the 2nd floor to ensure a peaceful retreat for everyone. You may use the room

during those hours but please be mindful of others sleeping on the 2nd floor.


All bedrooms (except for the apt suite located outside of the farmhouse and the bodywork

room) are on the 2nd floor of the main farmhouse. Built in the 1300s the floors are stone

and tile. They can be cool in the non-summer months. Bring slippers.


There is a massage room downstairs at Ebbio next to the Yoga Studio and a local massage

therapist is available that can be called in for optional massages at your

expense in cash (euro).

Funds In Italy You can exchange your US Dollars for euro in SienaNote: The exchange rates change all the time and may be different in June/JulySome credit cards do not charge fees for shopping in Italy-check with your bank.  Most other cards do as much as 5% fee.Please remember that cash in euro is what is accepted in most places especially the outdoor vendors in Siena on Market

Day. Restaurants & stores accept cards. Check with your bank to see if they have a sister bank in Italy. Usually you can

withdraw euro from your account with no fee  with your ATM card at one of those places.

There are no ATM machines at Ebbio on site.

*ACCOMMODATIONS SHARED:This is an 800 year old Tuscan Farmhouse without air conditioning.It is not a spa or a modern hotel and air comes from the windows.All bedrooms & bathrooms are dormitory style/shared and are on the 2nd floor.A few of the rooms are for 2, most are for 3 and two are for 4 people.There are steps leading up to a sleeping loft inside of two of the

bedrooms. There are no private rooms available.


The rate is based per person (Min in a room is 2 people).

If we have space (s) for a couple you can be in a room for 2

people only so we suggest you book early as it fills up fast

if that will be your situation.

Combined Max total capacity 27

The retreat leader Jennifer Pastiloff retains the right to change anything on this itinerary due toweather or other circumstances according to her discretion.  During the times when excursionsare not planned (all are optional) you can enjoy your time on your own.
Driving To Ebbio/Taxi From Siena Train StationIf you are driving to Ebbio, simply reach Monteriggioni Castle and go to the local information center directly next to thechurch. From there, they will direct you to Ebbio. If you miss your pick-up at Siena Train Station you can take a taxi.Here is the address for the cabbie: Ebbio, Strada del Gallinaio – 53035  Monteriggioni,  (Siena,  Toscana)
All Rooms & Bathrooms Are Shared. Accommodations see below.A $500 Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable Deposit Secures Your SpaceDeposit – PAYPAL- Credit Card, ATM   Sign Contract & FaxBalance due by check please contact Barbara for mailing address. Balance due by July 25th, 2015

Don’t Forget to Bring:

– Valid Passport-

– Comfortable clothing for yoga and movement-

– Slip-on shoes for indoors-

(Shoes are not permitted in Yoga Studio)

-Walking shoes and clothing for outdoors and hiking trails

sunscreen, hat and sunglasses-

– Camera, extra batteries & chargers-

~Toiletries shampoo & conditioner & any medicines you may need~

-Casual clothes for any excursions

you may take-

-Bathing suit (sunscreen, hat, sandals, water shoes, flip flops etc.

for the hot-spring and in case it is warm enough for the beach.~

~Save room in your luggage for any clothing you may buy while there~

-Water bottle to fill during your stay-

(Filtered water on premises)

-Italian AC adapter (for 220V compatible electronics)-

(Please do not bring electronics with heating elements)

There is (1) hairdryer at Ebbio to share.

-Insect repellent-

-You can hand-wash your clothes and line-dry outside while there-

-The farmhouse provides linen and towels.-

-Sheets are the same for 1 week. There is a change of towels in mid-week.-

-Yoga Mats are provided by Ebbio-

~A light jacket in case it is chilly~

~Something to cover your shoulders while visiting churches~

-A Journal for Jen’s Classes-

~Your Happy Face & A Sense of Humor~

Note:~Travel Insurance Is Required~


*Photo by Linda Hooper.

Mother’s Day Retreat in Ojai, California.

May 8, 2015

The effects of going on your yoga retreat
are continuing to ripple in my life. Stepping
away from everyday life to beautiful Ojai
for the weekend gave me brilliant new
insights in all aspects of my life, especially
those related to my career. It was truly
a life-changing experience, and I am so
grateful that you provided us with such
a special, memorable experience.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you!:) ~ Carrie Underwood, Santa Monica


Mother’s Day Weekend 2015

Join Jennifer Pastiloff for her popular Manifestation Yoga Retreat® at a rustic

eco-sanctuary in Ojai, California during the Mother’s Day Weekend Fri-Sat-Sun.

May 8th-9th-10th

The retreat will feature yoga with journaling, Manifestation workshops, meditation, wine

tasting, a dance party, wonderful vegetarian food, swimming (if warm enough),

hot tub & hiking. You can just relax at your leisure and enjoy the surroundings.

Not Included But Available As An Option Will Be: Massages & healing sessions

and a class with Chef Caspar Poyck,


This retreat sells out very fast so reserve  your spot today by putting down a $200

non-refundable, non-transferable deposit Option #5

Cancellation information at bottom of page.


Please contact  Barbara to make sure a bed/space is available for you before

sending in your deposit.

Please read this so you understand what Jen’s retreat is like.

And this.

Jen Pastiloff’s Manifestation Workshop: On Being Human. Seattle April 25th.

April 25, 2015

*Please note that I am doing TWO workshops in Seattle. Saturday April 25th a nd Sunday April 26th.

Book Sat here.

Book Sun here.

You do NOT have to be a yogi or know yoga.

I led 4 sold-out workshops in Seattle in 2014 and I am headed back April 2015. I love my Seattle tribe so much!

Here is a little blurb I just wrote on my Facebook page:

Vulnerability alert: Let me tell you about stepping out of your comfort zone and fear and being ballsy and what that looks like to me. A few years back I started doing these workshops which have since morphed into something else entirely. I have no idea what to name this thing. What to call it. It’s not really a “yoga” thing but I do it at yoga studios and we sit on yoga mats. It’s not really a writing thing because you don’t have to be a writer or even like writing but we write. And we share. And we laugh. And we cry. And it’s heavy but also really really light. And like, how do you describe that? How do you say, call up a studio in Chicago and say, “Hey, I want to come do this thing I do there at your place. I can’t really describe it. You’ll just have to see for yourself. People will come. Trust me.”

And I mean, there’s a deep knowing that I will sell it out (but there’s also the other part of me that’s like, “OMG, you have never been to Chicago or Vancouver or whatever city it is. Who do you think you are?”


I do not listen to that voice for very long. I put on my big girl panties and shut that voice up and carry on with my cup of coffee and hush that little voice that says, “How dare you create something that is not definable and expect people will show up?”

Why do I hush that voice?

Because I did do that. I am doing that.

Is it scary as f*ck? Yes.

I do this ALL BY MYSELF. I have no team of agents or managers or bookers. Just some balls. (Well, not really. Betty White says a vagina is tougher than balls, but whatever.) I pull my bootstraps up and carry on.

My word right now is TRUST.

I do not fit into any mold or any “yoga” box or literary box or self-help (it ain’t that, nor is it ‘woo-woo’ or airy-fairy) so I simply have to trust that I am on the right path. That people will keep coming.

A couple weeks ago at my Miami workshop, people drove from all over the state and country. I had a moment where I thought, “This is what trust looks like.”

It’s like that line from the movie Field of Dreams. Maybe that is what I am saying in my long-winded Jen Pastiloff way, “If you build it, they will come.”

They will. they do.

Nonetheless, it’s so nerve-wracking and scary and exciting and all of that, each time I book a workshop. It’s terrifying and exhilarating to stand up there and be totally vulnerable and naked and well, human.

That is why it’s called The Manifestation Workshop: On Being Human.

I know some of you are new to this page as it’s grown quite a lot in the last few weeks and are probably all, “Who the eff is this Jen?” I’m just a human being (as wayne Dyer says, “I am a human being, not a human doing.”) I’m just a human being who is trying to make her way in the world. I bump into a lot of things, I drop a lot, I mess up, I curse. Sometimes I am an asshole (thus, I created the “Don’t be an asshole” series) but every day I am trying to be a better human. I am trying to listen more, to be more open, to be less afraid. That is what my workshop is about. And I intend to take it all over the world. I am.

Is it scary? Yes.

Do I need to trust? Yes.

Do you need to trust more? I have no idea.

Do you? Only you can answer that. I am not going to sit here with my coffee and make blanket statements about you. You need this. You need that. I have no idea. Only you do.

I just know that no matter how freaked out I get that I am going to another country or another city to do my wacky indescribable workshop, I will go anyway. I will lead it as best as I can, with as open of a heart as I can, with my deaf ass ears as open as they can be, with my sense of humor intact. And I will do my best to show you what it looks like to do something even when you are shitting bricks of fear. I love you guys. Here’s to forging into the unknown with grace. xo

Jennifer Pastiloff

Take that, fear!♥

There’s beauty in being afraid, ya know? What does it look like? It looks like doing it anyway.

**Bring a journal and an open heart. There is yoga but you do not have to be a yogi. All levels welcome!

Read this to get an idea of what my workshop is like. 

ps I will also be in Seattle at shefayoga‘s sister studio Hauteyoga Queen Anne Sunday April 26th. Book that one here. 


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Women Are Hurting.

March 31, 2015

beauty-hunting-jen-logo-black1-300x88By Jane Eaton Hamilton.

Jen Pastiloff & The Hunt For Beauty.

There’s something I can’t get off my mind; it’s been nagging.

A couple months ago, Jen Pastiloff came to town.  She’s the wunderkind behind the online home for great essays, Manifest Station, and a yoga/writing workshop phenom.  I first came to know Jen through her site when she published my essay about Paris, ‘Things That Didn’t Happen,’ which now appears in the Caitlin Press anthology This Place a Stranger, about women traveling solo.

All this is a long-winded introduction to the fact that Jen asked me to attend her yoga workshop here in Vancouver, BC, when she came to town earlier this year at Semperviva Yoga, and, reluctantly, I went.  (Jen knew getting me out of my house was like pulling teeth, but she kept at me.)  Despite a background in dance, I’ve never been a yoga enthusiast, and I’m also an atheist, and morbidly shy, and the whole spiritual thing makes me roll my eyes.  I slid down the wall at the back of the room, gamely played along to the limits of my creaky old body, and kept my eyes and ears open.

And, folks, a bunch of things happened.

She calls the workshop, after all, “On Being Human.”

But the transformative thing, the thing that hasn’t gone away, was this:

Women are hurting. Continue Reading…

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To Have a Friend Like This: On Friendship, The Holocaust & Survival.

March 18, 2015

beauty-hunting-jen-logo-black1-300x88By Jen Pastiloff.

Hi guys, Jen Pastiloff here. I don’t post my own stuff too often these days, but these videos, holy Wow, mother of all cups of coffee. Please do yourself a favor and take a few moments and watch these videos. Please. One of these women is a Holocaust survivor. Their friendship is so utterly inspiring to me that it brought me to my knees. I want to have that kind of love. It’s an honor to the guest speaker again here at Canyon Ranch. What a great honor and privilege. Thanks for watching and sharing these videos. May we all listen more. May we all pay attention to the stories inside of us and inside of others, because, do not be fooled, we ALL have one to tell. Listen. This is beauty hunting.

Continue Reading…

And So It Is, Guest Posts, Jen Pastiloff

Share Your Manifesto.

September 28, 2014

beauty-hunting-jen-logo-blackBy Jen Pastiloff.

Hello from Canyon Ranch in The Berkshires of Massachusetts, where I’m the guest speaker this week!photo

My workshop in NYC at Pure Yoga was so beautiful yesterday. I did an exercise where everyone wrote their manifestos and spoke them aloud. I promised to post a segment on my site where people could post their manifestos so here it is. This is my manifesto that I wrote quite a few months back. Add yours in the comment section. I cannot wait to read them all! And yes, I think I will be back in NYC to do another workshop in March! Continue Reading…

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I Am Afraid of Getting Better: A 21 Year Old On Having Anorexia.

August 13, 2014


I am afraid of getting better.

What kind of illogical statement is that? I wrote that down the other day in my journal at one of Jen’s workshops in England, and kind of baulked at what it even meant.  I know that I don’t want to continue the way I am, I definitely don’t want to get worse, but I am scared of getting better.

What is the other option? Is there even another option?

For the past three years I have been battling with anorexia.

I can’t really believe I just wrote that down.  I don’t think I have ever actually written that sentence down before.

I’ve never had a happy relationship with my body.  I always felt like I was too podgy.  I was the girl who used to forge her Mum’s signature to miss out on swimming lessons because of a persistent ‘ear infection’.  Really, I just didn’t want to put on my swimming costume and have to suck my stomach in, sit up really straight, and not put my legs all the way down when I sat down so they didn’t expand to look twice their normal size.  The thing is, I know looking back at photos of myself, and remembering the other girls at school, that I wasn’t actually big at all. Continue Reading…

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You Can Have This.

August 10, 2014


By Jen Pastiloff. 

I want to show you something.


Here, sit with me.

There’s a cat here. I hope you don’t mind cats. Coffee is curled up on the bed with me. It’s threatening to rain outside and I’m sitting here on a bed at my sister’s house, just south of Atlanta. I’m staying in her back room with the weird exercise machine that simulates horseback riding. My nephew Blaise, proud owner of Coffee the Cat, was given the horseback riding machine to strengthen his core muscles. He has a rare genetic disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome which creates low muscle tone and a feeling like you are literally starving to death. All the time. Starving. To. Death.

Last night, Maddock, his 5 year old brother (proud owner of Sugar The Cat), climbed on it, and with his imaginary lasso, yelled Giddyup! Giddyup! before he tried standing on it like a surfboard. Which, I can’t say anymore without calling it a surfbort. (Thanks, Beyonce.)

So that’s in the room with me and Coffee The Cat and my shit that is sprawled everywhere and the book I have been reading, Once I was Cool, by Megan Stielstra*.

Coffee and Megan.

Coffee and Megan.


I want to show you what I mean by beauty hunting since I talk about it so much.

But how can I show you? How can I pull you- you, in your car or the parking lot or your room or your desk or wherever you are reading this, you, with your own set of ideas and beliefs about people and the world and the way things turn out and how people are- how can I get you in this room with me and this cat and this goofy rodeo horseback riding Panasonic machine and get you to believe me that when you listen to people and when you show up, like really show up, there is beauty everywhere.

And I think, who am I to show you, anyway? What the hell do I know? I haven’t gotten out of my pajamas today and I drank too much coffee and I’m just trying to not drown so what can I tell you about how people are and beauty and the way the world is?

I can’t. But I can share with you my journey.

That’s all we can do. Right? Continue Reading…

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Things Don’t Happen To You- They Happen For You.

July 29, 2014

By Karen Salmansohn.

If you want to be happy, you have to embrace your Karma and Dharma! If you don’t know how, here’s a helpful Legos analogy  – inspired from my Yoga Teacher Training at Ishta Yoga! Read on…

My 3 ½ year old son Ari has a passion for Legos – even bigger than his passion for pizza. I know this –  because when Ari’s busy with his Legos, not even pizza can pry him away.

Although Ari loves building Lego structures from boxed sets, he gets an even bigger kick out of taking huge scoopfuls of old Legos (which we keep in plastic buckets) then building the pieces into “One-of-A-Kind Creations.” I call Ari a Master Builder – a term swiped from the most recent Lego movie to describe someone who’s innovative – who thinks outside of the (Lego) box.

So – what’s this have to do with Karma and Dharma? An interesting synchronicity united these concepts for me this week.

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Video: What Are The Excuses You Are Using To (Not) Make Shit Happen In Your Life?

July 24, 2014

Are Your Excuses Keeping You From Making Shit Happen aka Manifesting?

“I don’t know how. I don’t have enough time. I am too old. I am too tired. I’m not good at it.” Bla bla bla. Excuses, excuses. What are some of yours? Today’s Vlog is on calling bullshit on our excuses. Post your thoughts below and as always, please share. Love, jen.

See you this weekend Seattle. Sunday is sold out but Saturday’s workshop has space. Click here to book. You do NOT have to be a yogi. Just be a human.

The writing/yoga retreat with Emily Rapp in Vermont is sold out but please email to be added to wait list.

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A Pretty Mind Blowing Little Ditty About My Manifestation Retreat.

May 20, 2014

I’m going through a rough patch right now with my broken foot and this made me feel good. Really really good. This was written by Sunny Beeker, an incredible woman who just attended my Mother’s Day Manifestation Retreat in Ojai. I won’t lie- it kind of blew me away. Thanks, Sunny! You should write a book. Not kidding. And thanks to everyone who was there. If I and to break my foot, there is nowhere I would’ve rather been than in the middle of dinner with you at my retreat. Okay, it was just before dinner. But you get my point.


I had to write about my experience at Jennifer Pastiloff’s Manifestation Retreat in Ojai this past Mothers Day. It was an experience of possibilities, magic, and real human connection. A big dose of what we all need from time to time.

This is what she greeted me with when I walked in the door. There stood THE Jennifer Pastiloff, giving me a hug and saying “Welcome! What’s your name? I just opened this beer, do you need one?” – in her very distinctive, strong voice. It kind of threw me seeing her standing there, the woman who’s writing, adventures and spirit I have admired for so long, just offering to show me to my room. My first thought was – she’s so tiny and then I felt a bit intimidated and a bit in awe. What do I say to her?! Our social media relationship (chatting before the retreat in her FB group) seemed so easy, but now I have to be THAT person. And then she’s handing me her beer! I don’t even like beer! (Yes, Jen, I lied when I said “sure I’d love one.” I never drink beer.). But in that moment, she became a real person and I was able to relax into the experience. And the beer tasted great.

That was the start of my I-have-no-idea-what-to-expect-why-did-I-come-alone weekend at the 2014 Manifesting in Ojai Mothers Day Retreat. And what I walked into was an amazing mixture of women (and a few men) from ALL walks of life and ages, open hearts, vulnerability off the scales, flowing tears, soul baring, singing, laughter, sweating, chatting, eating, wine drinking, star gazing, major a-ha’s, and some heart stopping spontaneous moments that took your breath away. Deep connection, compassion and self expression displayed in its purest form – with total strangers.

Then she broke her foot, our beloved leader. And while she weathered the intense pain and frustration and tears, the air/tone that she set earlier in the day never changed for the rest of us. We all carried on and sent an incredible amount of love Jen’s way, all of us believing that love is a vibrational force – which we knew was all we could do for her. So that’s what we did, let her process and carry on. OK…that was just the first day, if that gives you any indication of how strong the love was flowing.

There was no disappointment, even if you were expecting this to be a “yoga retreat”, which many did (and she has a broken foot!). Even they all said in the end – it was soooo much more. Yes, we did some yoga, but it was what happened in between that was extraordinary. Jen walks the walk she talks and writes about – even on one foot. Being human is every emotion and every experience…and believe me, she did not stay quiet about how she was feeling about her foot. She let us see her process (the very real and human ups and downs) with so much trust and honesty, and in that space I think we all felt safe to share the secret parts of ourselves. It was “Mothers Day” weekend, after all, and all the emotions that brings up. It was amazing to behold. I can’t imagine trying to explain what “a retreat with Jen” is like because I suspect it is different every time. Hate to overuse the word “amazing”, but there is just no other word. Even after, back home, I found it hard to describe what it was like. Oh and did I mention the unbelievable setting in the hills of Ojai, perfect weather, and the hot chef (Culinary Therapist!)-slash-singer/songwriter, Caspar Poyck, who cooked every meal for us and then took us on a food/self exploration in his “cooking class”?!

I came because I was looking for something. Rejunvenation. An intro to yoga. To get away. To treat myself. To be by myself. I’m not exactly sure what…but, something. I remember thinking, as I was eating and laughing my ass off and having the deepest conversations ever in my life with these strangers – Is this the real me or is the real me the one I left at home? Who is this person (me) these people are getting to know, no holds bar? I’ve never felt so present and in the moment – not holding back, not second guessing, not checking out, not wondering what they would think if they only “knew”. Not judging. I felt completely safe to be myself. Jen created a space and forced us, in her way, to let it all go. It was refreshing to simply be myself, surrounded by smart, vulnerable, powerful women (and men) – who give a damn. Because she does. And I carry that with me today.

In a nut shell – it was nothing I expected, but it was everything I needed.

If you follow Jen’s blog etc. – she kinda makes this shit happen. Honest, open, vulnerable, human, kick ass kind of shit.

An experience I will never forget. Grateful – for the leadership, the company, the wine and the memories. Can’t wait to do it AGAIN!”


I’m humbled by what Sunny wrote and what I experienced last weekend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope i see some of you soon at a workshop or retreat. Love to you all, xo jen

Next retreat in Ojai is Labor Day and New Years. Book here. (Labor Day is almost full.)

I also have one workshop in L.A. 5 spots left June 7th. 

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Manifesting in London is Finally Happening!

December 23, 2013

Beloved UK tribe! It’s happened. I have finally manifested bringing my workshop to London (where my husband is from and my in-laws live.) I am over the moon!! Based on the response of my Facebook fan page this will sell out soon, and as space is limited I suggest that you book now 😉 I will be celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary while we are there.

Click here to book a spot You do NOT need to be “good” at yoga or even a “yogi”.


Below is directly from the site of Lumi Power Yoga where I will host the workshop.

Who would I be if nobody told me who I was? What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Questions like this and many more will be sought out and answered in this 3 hour workshop which truly connects the mind and body and soul. This unique experience combines asana, writing, and journaling exercises. All levels are welcome and encouraged. Expect to flow, twist, sweat, sing, write, dance and laugh as you let go of what is no longer serving you and manifest what you want in your life. This workshop is nothing short of a life changing immersion. Bring a friend. Bring your woes. Go beyond your comfort zone. Come see why this workshop sells out in leading studios around the world. Bring a journal, an open heart and a sense of humour.

Jennifer Pastiloff is a writer and retreat leader based in Los Angeles. She has a large international following and she travels around the world leading her signature Manifestation Yoga® workshops and retreats. Jen has been featured on, Good Morning America, New York Magazine, The Rumpus, Origin Magazine, as well as many other TV shows and publications. She is also the creator of Karaoke Yoga. You can read her popular blog The Manifest-Station at the or join her 26 thousand strong tribe on Facebook or Twitter/instagram @jenpastiloff. She also has a weekly column on Positively Positivewith almost 2 million fans.

“Jennifer is an awesome creature. I was like four planks of wood nailed together
haphazardly before I started with her and she has somehow fashioned rubber from
wood. We’ll, I can touch my toes now anyway. As patient and delightful a teacher
and person you could hope for. She’s deaf as a post though so be prepared for some
confusing discussions whilst in down dog. If she can fix me she can fix anyone.” GARY LIGHTBODY – SNOW PATROL

Don’t miss this unique opportunity – sign up now!

Price: £45

Booking and Payment: At the studio or online (click below!)

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Dear 16 Year Old Me.

November 11, 2013

Below is an exercise I do at my retreats. I was so touched by Marika Delan’s letter to her younger self that I had to share here. Marika was the winner of my #5mostbeautifulthings contest & attended my Labor Day Manifestation Retreat as the prize!

Image 11

Dear 16 year old me,Let’s not sugar coat it. We aren’t going to live forever, so let’s just get right down to the important stuff.Do I have your attention now?  Because I have secrets for you that can only be learned via a DeLorean in a lightning storm.

Time isn’t waiting for you or me.

You make everything so complicated and you are wasting all these moments, all this time!
Yes, older, wiser you might seem to be a little bitchy,  but you mistake my urgency and passion for harsh reality which you clearly aren’t ready for. I guess that’s why you skirt around it as if it were an ice rink.  You could use a little tough love, in fact, you could use a whole lot of it and thank God you meet some people along the way that love you the hard way.

You don’t even love you yet, but I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. What you don’t understand is you can’t get by without it. You can’t fake this one. It seems indulgent and selfish to you. You think that if you love others it will be enough, but that is an illusion. You won’t know how to love completely until you learn how to love yourself. You’ll want to scream by the time you are my age, you will have heard this so many times, but heed my advice, the sooner you get working on this one, the better.

You are beautiful so stop wasting so much energy hating yourself.
And isn’t a physical thing, although you could stand to take the bangs down an inch or two. Then again it was the 80’s, so the obligatory tower of tease is the only way I found you in this age range as I sifted through yellowed and stuck together photos.  It isn’t your first bad hair and it won’t be your last. (p.s.- never try to color your hair red in your dorm room. Just. Don’t.)

But true beauty isn’t superficial. It goes to the depths. You already know this, you just haven’t learned to dive that deep.  You haven’t learned to internalize this message because you have a checklist of things you think you must become in order to be loved. It’s all bullshit.  You haven’t learned yet that beauty is being what you already are and owning it like one day someone secretly let you watch the time-lapse security footage of God building you. One knit, one purl. One knit. Two purl. The evidence right before your eyes of your creation, of being stitched together with deliberation and care; all in careful preparation for your future as a torch bearer. So it isn’t about your hair and makeup. Next time you look in the mirror, open your still unlined eyes.

You will have to bear witness to both the beauty and the pain one day so take it all in and tuck it away for later. You’ll be sorry that you didn’t write more down (don’t lose those teenage angst-filled journals!)  You will regret that you didn’t use words more often to capture the moments you are having right now so that we can remember them together one day when you are ready. There are a lot of lessons and gifts in those things that you think “ruined” you. Those are the things that made you, but only time will reveal these things to you, so just live while you can where you are.
Learn how to be wherever you are.

Don’t close your heart when it gets crushed—and it will.
Keep loving anyway.

You will be sad beyond words like you were when we were 10, and some days you will pray that you be left to die, but those days will pass and you will know and revel in your aliveness like you did when we were small.
Don’t lose hope while you wait for that day to come. Better yet, don’t wait for that day to come. Go find your happy and hold on to it. Don’t let anyone steal it from you.  It’s already in you, buried beneath all the fear that holds you back. Beneath that pile of dirty laundry are the things that keep you from singing out loud. That keep you hiding in the back row hoping no one will call on you even though you know the answer to the question.

Keep trying to answer the ones you don’t have the answers to, just don’t get hung up when they don’t come easily or they aren’t the ones you had hoped for. The questions will lead you back to where you began and you’ll wonder why you wasted all that time being sad.

You’ll feel life rushing through your veins again when you hear that first heartbeat on the ultrasound, when you hold your flesh and blood in your arms.When you look in their eyes and see their smiles and hear their belly laughs echoing through the halls (yes, you will have children and not end up a cat lady, so dear Diary, you got that one wrong. You got a lot wrong, but that’s ok- that’s part of the gig.)

You’ll feel it when you meet your true love and follow the signs and know without a doubt that the Universe conspired to bring you love when you opened your heart again. He will breathe life and light back into you just when you had started to believe that there’s no such thing as true love.
He will show you there is.

You’ll feel it when all you are bursts forth after having hidden it away for so long.
So don’t hide your light.

It will light the paths of others when their light has grown dim, just as others will light yours when you are sure it’s gone out.  When you finally make it out of darkness you won’t want to spend any more time there. If you keep love at the heart of everything you do, it will follow you wherever you go because time has shown me that it always comes back to us.

Stop being afraid to be who you are and that alone will not only keep you going, but it will allow others the freedom to do the same. Keep that at the core of everything you do and it will never steer you wrong.

The things you think are signs. They are. Don’t ignore them. It’s how you’ll find the love of your life. Look for them. Listen to them. They are words off the page penned by your inner voice. The one that knows why she is here and what she came to do.

Never stop seeking answers.  Your never-ending curiosity will open the next door. Your quest for understanding will lead you to the threshold of your truest essence and therein you will finally see what you could never see before.

If you want others to see it, you will have to take the risk to be yourself. If you don’t take that leap of faith into who you already are, you’ll spend your life as an impostor.  You will spend your life searching for me. You won’t know what you are searching for… but it will be me, the girl, now the woman you left behind.

You won’t be what you are meant to be until you fully embrace who you are right now (it’s what you will still be when you get to be my age, just you wait and see)

Now, go think on that one for 23 years.

And when you come across someone named Jennifer Pastiloff, a crazy wise yogi/writer/teacher/manifestation guru, follow her.  She will help you begin the next chapter in our book of transformations.  She will make you write this letter after losing touch all those years ago. She will help you find me when I thought we were lost forever.

Until we meet again.


39 year old you

The Layers

By Stanley Kunitz

I have walked through many lives,

some of them my own,

and I am not who I was,

though some principle of being

abides, from which I struggle

not to stray.

When I look behind,

as I am compelled to look

before I can gather strength

to proceed on my journey,

I see the milestones dwindling

toward the horizon

and the slow fires trailing

from the abandoned camp-sites,

over which scavenger angels

wheel on heavy wings.

Oh, I have made myself a tribe

out of my true affections,

and my tribe is scattered!

How shall the heart be reconciled

to its feast of losses?

In a rising wind

the manic dust of my friends,

those who fell along the way,

bitterly stings my face.

Yet I turn, I turn,

exulting somewhat,

with my will intact to go

wherever I need to go,

and every stone on the road

precious to me.

In my darkest night,

when the moon was covered

and I roamed through wreckage,

a nimbus-clouded voice

directed me:

“Live in the layers,

not on the litter.”

Though I lack the art

to decipher it,

no doubt the next chapter

in my book of transformations

is already written.

I am not done with my changes.Thank you Jennifer Pastiloff for sharing Stanley Kunitz and so much more with me. Thank G-d,  I am not done with my changes….